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Why No Money for Parks?

This story from Public Sector might help. An excerpt. “Tales of excessive public sector pay and benefits have become so commonplace in California that it’s difficult to be shocked anymore. But if there’s any story that can shake the numbness, … Continue reading

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Cutting Trees to Save Trees

This is one of those government actions that cause one to ask, “No, they can’t be doing that?”, but yes, they are, as this story from the Sacramento Bee reports. An excerpt. “Like a steeple, the Jeffrey pine towers over … Continue reading

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Wild & Hatchery Salmon

The environmentalist movement has always proclaimed that salmon hatcheries hurt wild salmon by dilution, but according to a new study, as reported in the Sacramento Bee, we don’t really know enough to reach that conclusion. An excerpt. “Most of the … Continue reading

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Partnering With Parks

Excellent post from the City Parks Blog examining the benefits of partnering, with a focus on health care. In relation to the Parkway, the partnership we advocate is with a nonprofit organization modeled after the Central Parks Conservancy, outlined in … Continue reading

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A Suburban Future

The past has certainly belonged to the suburbs, and according to this article from New Geography, the future is also there. An excerpt. “For nearly a generation, pundits, academics and journalists have written off suburbia. They predict that the future … Continue reading

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Soil Born Farms

It is one of the truly great usages of Parkway land and, as this article from the Sacramento Bee reports, it is booming.  An excerpt. “This is the payoff. Harvest time is when all that work literally comes to fruition. … Continue reading

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War on the River District & North Sacramento

Which, by changing a few words, could have been the opening line of this article from the New York Post about the degradation of an area through the concentration of social services. An excerpt. “The social-services industry’s war on the … Continue reading

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Open Letter to County Board of Supervisors

Dear Supervisors: Our organization does not support the ban on alcohol in the American River Parkway as it unfairly penalizes the majority of Parkway visitors, who use alcohol responsibly, in order to sanction the minority who do not. We would … Continue reading

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Update on Illegal Camping In Parkway

An August 3, 2012 report from Bob Slobe, also posted to the Woodlake Parkway Facebook page, notes the continuing failure of public leadership to rectify the deplorable situation. Our Parkway Advocate Award—honorees listed on the Leadership Page of our website—is … Continue reading

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Fast Eddie & Riverfront Development

Developing the riverfronts is something we have long advocated and part of that development would contribute to the economic success of downtown hotels and other tourism sites by offering close-in bicycle rides along the rivers, and the biking possibilities are substantial, … Continue reading

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