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Failure is Opportunity

As this editorial from the Sacramento Bee notes, the failure by local government and the largest nonprofit homeless organizations to address the issue of homelessness, and the particularly destructive impact of the long-term and large-scale illegal camping in the American River … Continue reading

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Dangerous Parkway

The recent stories about the danger for visitors to the North Sacramento area of the Parkway poses a question: How long has it been that dangerous? At least since 1981, according to this entry on the Sacramento Bee’s data base … Continue reading

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Pension Reform, Taxes & the Parkway

It is pretty much accepted fact in California that the biggest problem for the public funding of public service in general and parks—as the end of the funding line—specifically, lies in the overly generous pay and pensions awarded to public … Continue reading

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The Worst & The Best

We have seen, in the devastating articles about the Parkway in the Sunday Sacramento Bee, posted on yesterday, the worst of what should be the “Jewel of Sacramento’ but has become, the trash pit and outdoor toilet bowl of Sacramento. … Continue reading

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Homelessness & the Parkway: Crucial Coverage of Important Issue

Exactly what the Sacramento Bee provided us Sunday, with a major front page article on the Parkway and Richards Blvd area impromptu homeless feedings and a Marcos Breton column—after going along with Bob Slobe on the mandatory tour for anyone … Continue reading

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North Sacramento Parkway Shooting/Robbery

As reported by the Sacramento Bee another crime in the most crime-infested part of our Parkway. An excerpt. “Sacramento police say a juvenile found naked and bleeding along a bike trail Wednesday afternoon in North Sacramento was ordered to disrobe during … Continue reading

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California Oil

It was once a major part of the California Dream and, if energy rationality returns to California and national politics, may so again. City Journal magazine has an excellent article about the oil fields in and off the coast of … Continue reading

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Effective Executive

So much of what confounds good public policy around Parkway issues results from ineffective management and the classic statement of being an effective executive comes from the seminal 1966 book written by Peter F. Drucker, which opens: “To be effective … Continue reading

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Sacramento Flood Threat Result of Bureaucratic Infighting?

Though that’s the gist of this September 2, 2012 editorial from the Sacramento Bee, it hardly represents the reality of why Sacramento is under threat of major flooding. The reason Sacramento is under threat of major flooding is because we … Continue reading

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