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DDT, World War II, & Silent Spring

DDT helped win the war and later became a major target of the book by Rachel Carson, Silent Spring, which helped launch the modern environmental movement. The New Atlantis has an excellent article on the convergence. An excerpt. “In the … Continue reading

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Flood Planning?

It’s difficult to see any comprehensive examination of that in this article from the Sacramento Bee since it doesn’t even mention the most effective flood/water management system; large dams that hold back the water during wet years for release during dry. While … Continue reading

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Illegal Campers Still There

Considering Bob Slobe saw 100 illegal campers in the North Sacramento area of the Parkway, in a short walk Tuesday morning—also see new photos on Woodlake Facebook page—one has to ask, How is the serious effort to remove illegal campers, … Continue reading

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Clean Technology Designation for Sacramento

Anything that adds up to cleaner air for the valley is very good news and this, as reported by the Sacramento Bee, is just that. An excerpt. “Lots of energy-efficient buildings and hybrid vehicles. A sizable crop of workers engaged … Continue reading

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Park Donations

New York’s Central Park Conservancy is the model we use calling for nonprofit management of the American River Parkway and this article from the New York Times reports what can happen when a nonprofit manages a park well. An excerpt. … Continue reading

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Gibson Ranch & the Zombie Mud Run

Part of the reason we supported turning over of the management of Gibson Ranch to the Doug Ose forprofit organization was that they brought entrepreneurial ideas to generate income for the park’s operation. This Halloween season run, profiled by the … Continue reading

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Homeless Hosts?

An interesting or a very bad idea, which depends on who does the host selection and what criteria for selection are used (criminal background checks should be included) as promoted by this story from KEZI 9 ABC News in Oregon. An excerpt. “LANE … Continue reading

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We Love Our Suburbs!

Though the urban planners don’t, so, to further enliven the discussion, another excellent article from New Geography making our point. An excerpt. “For decades, Americans have chosen to live in suburbs rather than in cities. Suburban growth has outpaced urban … Continue reading

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Making Downtown Safe

A program in Seattle to increase public safety, called “See it, Send It” as covered in the story from the Seattle Times, excerpted after the Wikipedia excerpt, might be something Sacramento should emulate. Seattle, a beautiful city I lived in for a year … Continue reading

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California’s Mojo, Long Gone

That’s the conclusion of this excellent story from New Geography. An excerpt. “The preferred story for California’s economy runs like this: “In the beginning there was prosperity.  It started with gold.  Then, agriculture thrived in California’s climate.  Movies and entertainment … Continue reading

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