Clean Technology Designation for Sacramento

Anything that adds up to cleaner air for the valley is very good news and this, as reported by the Sacramento Bee, is just that.

An excerpt.

“Lots of energy-efficient buildings and hybrid vehicles. A sizable crop of workers engaged in green and clean-tech industries.

“Add it all up, and Sacramento ranks No. 4 in a nationwide index of clean tech metro areas released Tuesday.

“The first-ever U.S. Metro Clean Tech Index, assembled by Oregon consulting firm Clean Edge Inc., gives the Sacramento area high marks for its workforce, hybrid and electric vehicles and buildings that qualify for the federal government’s Energy Star certification.

“San Jose ranked first on the list of 50 metro areas, followed by San Francisco, Portland, Ore., then Sacramento.

“Sacramento ranked first in one category – the percentage of employees in some aspect of clean energy. About 37,000 Sacramentans, or 4.5 percent of the workforce, are in the so-called “clean economy.”

“Ron Pernick, managing director at Clean Edge, said the figure includes state government employees who work on clean energy programs. As the state capital, Sacramento benefits from the state’s various clean tech initiatives.

“California has by far the most aggressive policies in place in the United States, and that bodes well for Sacramento,” Pernick said.

“And, on a per capita basis, “you’re in the top 5 in electric vehicles in use,” he said.

“Sacramento also gets points for the comparatively clean energy produced by the Sacramento Municipal Utility District, he said.”

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