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We Love Our Suburbs!

Though the urban planners don’t, so, to further enliven the discussion, another excellent article from New Geography making our point. An excerpt. “For decades, Americans have chosen to live in suburbs rather than in cities. Suburban growth has outpaced urban … Continue reading

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Making Downtown Safe

A program in Seattle to increase public safety, called “See it, Send It” as covered in the story from the Seattle Times, excerpted after the Wikipedia excerpt, might be something Sacramento should emulate. Seattle, a beautiful city I lived in for a year … Continue reading

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California’s Mojo, Long Gone

That’s the conclusion of this excellent story from New Geography. An excerpt. “The preferred story for California’s economy runs like this: “In the beginning there was prosperity.  It started with gold.  Then, agriculture thrived in California’s climate.  Movies and entertainment … Continue reading

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Global Warming Book Review

A very nice review of a book, The Mad, Mad, Mad World of Climatism, that does not support the global warming models stating the world is essentially ending, from Catholic Culture. An excerpt. “The theme of this book is the … Continue reading

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Homeless Clean-Up

This project appears to be based, somewhat, on an idea we presented to Loaves & Fishes several years ago—see our 2005 report: The American River Parkway Lower Reach Area: A Corroded Crown Jewel, Restoring the Luster, (pp. 34- 36) which … Continue reading

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Breton, On Target Again

I have also had the experience, when addressing the issue of the homeless illegally camping in the American River Parkway, of answering the question, “But where can they go?” and my answer has always been that it isn’t a homeless issue, … Continue reading

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Panhandling & K Street

One of the reasons people tend to stay away from K Street and the rest of the downtown grid is aggressive panhandling, and recent court rulings favoring panhandling, as reported by the New York Times, aren’t helping cities who are trying to … Continue reading

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