Suburban Negatives

The liberal/environmentalist mindset has been genetically against suburbanism since it became cool to rant against it sometime in the 1960’s, and the various reasons they use to disguise their aversion—and their anti-suburban advocacy—can get a bit contorted, as in this editorial from the Sacramento Bee .

An excerpt.

“Supporters of the Cordova Hills development in eastern Sacramento County seem to have settled on a strategy for blunting criticism of this leapfrog project as they head to the Board of Supervisors on Jan. 29:

“If you are against Cordova Hills, then you are against higher education.

“We saw some of that in a Jan. 11 op-ed in The Bee by Jonathan Brown, president emeritus of the Association of Independent California Colleges and Universities. Brown suggested that by opposing Cordova Hills, The Bee’s editorial board was against the kind of visionary leadership that led to the development of Stanford University, St. Mary’s, the University of the Pacific and other private colleges in California.

“Universities are not like mushrooms, they don’t pop up after a heavy rain,” Brown wrote. “They require vision, time, distance.”

“It’s undoubtedly true that universities don’t sprout overnight, and it’s undoubtedly true that the Sacramento region would benefit by having more in the area.

“Yet should Sacramento County rezone a vast swath of rural land for a retail and residential subdivision on the prospective chance that a university might locate there, somehow, someday? That’s ludicrous. If the county said yes to that, it would have to say yes to every developer who – in wanting to enhance the value of ranch land by getting it entitled for urban development – dangled the prospect of a future community amenity.”

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I am a native of Sacramento, as are my wife and daughter. I am a consultant to nonprofit organizations, and have a Bachelor of Science degree in Organizational Behavior and a Master of Public Administration degree, both from the University of San Francisco. We live along the American River with two cats and all the wild critters we can feed. I am the founding president of the American River Parkway Preservation Society and currently serve as the CFO and Senior Policy Director. I also volunteer as the President of The Lampstand Foundation, a nonprofit organization I founded in 2003.
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