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Humans & Nature

In this fourth of a series of article from a conference PERC sponsored, the dilemma is examined. An excerpt. “The debate over the relationship between human beings and nature is as old as history itself. Should public lands be preserved … Continue reading

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Bashing the Burbs

Common sense and Joel Kotkin in New Geography says don’t do it. An excerpt. “For the past century, California, particularly Southern California, nurtured and invented the suburban dream. The sun-drenched single-family house, often with a pool, on a tree-lined street … Continue reading

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Ecology & Economics

In this article from PERC, the ideology of the environmental movement exhibits—as it does in virtually all cases—why it is unable to negotiate effectively; further validating the argument that environmentalism is not a science, as it claims, but a religion, as … Continue reading

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Nature & Humans

An excellent article from PERC exploring the question. An excerpt. “People in this world today crave something real, and our society is lacking that and they could come to Yellowstone and see real nature unfolding in front of their eyes … Continue reading

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McClintock On Flood Control

Exhibiting his continuing leadership on this major Sacramento issue, the Congressman writes in this article in the Sacramento Bee. “Matt Weiser’s recent news article on funding for the Natomas levees (“Levee fixes grind to a halt,” Feb. 16) has prompted … Continue reading

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Using Old Christmas Trees

Some terrific recycling ideas being used around the country, as reported by the New York Times. An excerpt. “LONG BEACH, N.Y. — It is February, but the smell of Christmas wafts up from the shores of Long Beach these days. “Thousands … Continue reading

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Helping the Salmon

This project described in the Sacramento Bee is a very interesting one and we hope it works. Anything that helps the Valley Salmon is a very good thing. An excerpt. “Decades of experience have proved that Sacramento Valley rice farmers … Continue reading

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Smashing Asteroids

That is what California scientists say can eventually be done to asteroids in danger of hitting earth, as reported by the Los Angeles Times. An excerpt. “Earth dodged a gigantic space bullet Friday when the 143,000-ton asteroid known as 2012 … Continue reading

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Parks Management

A strange way to run the parks department of the most populated state in the country, as reported by the Sacramento Bee. An excerpt. “A new probe of financial scandals at the California Department of Parks and Recreation found that … Continue reading

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New Parkway Policies

Two new draft policy statements—one on fee schedules and one on special events—have been presented by the Sacramento County Department of Regional Parks which will, when implemented, help protect the Parkway, and our organization is strongly supportive of these efforts. … Continue reading

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