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Affordable Housing

As reported in the Sacramento Bee, Sacramento County may alter its requirement that developers provide 15% of their housing stock for affordable housing. Hopefully, they will drop the requirement completely as it is a sure method of restricting the development … Continue reading

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Congratulations Mayor Johnson

As reported in the Sacramento Bee, the odds of Sacramento keeping the Kings and totally renewing downtown just got a whole lot better, and the efforts of the mayor and former NBA star are the major reason why. An excerpt. … Continue reading

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Conservative Environmentalism

The author of a new paper on the subject is interviewed by the Washington Post. An excerpt. “When it comes to the environment, Republicans these days tend to have a pretty good idea what they’re against — just about everything … Continue reading

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Water Narrative Blindness

In another example of ideological blindness—always seeing caused scarcity rather than real abundance—this article in the Sacramento Bee discussing the peripheral tunnels, while acknowledging the scarcity of water storage, fails to note the solution to the scarcity is the construction … Continue reading

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Private Preservation

As this article from the Sacramento Bee reports, sometimes protecting and preserving public resources can best be accomplished by a nonprofit rather than the government, though our preferred route as it concerns the Parkway, is a partnership, as described on … Continue reading

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Public/Private Partnerships

It is an arrangement we advocate for the Parkway; for the adjacent governing entities to form a Joint Powers Authority and under its oversight, create a new nonprofit or use an existing one, to provide daily management and funding development … Continue reading

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Suburban Growth Continues

For awhile there, anti-suburbanists were thinking that their favorite type of cities were growing, due to their reading of some census data, but, as New Geography points out, not so; and Sacramento, the quintessential suburban metro area, comes in with a little growth … Continue reading

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K Street Drama, Act 19453

The new K Street housing reported in this article from the Sacramento Bee, is public funded so will probably mean subsidized housing, which, unfortunately, depending on the selection criteria for residency, could add to the area’s degradation, not elevate it. “An excerpt. “The … Continue reading

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Matrix Returns to San Francisco

Many years ago, under Mayor Frank Jordan, the Matrix program—see City Journal article— was instituted to deal with the overwhelming problem of homelessness and very aggressive panhandling which was making downtown San Francisco virtually unlivable. The core of Matrix was … Continue reading

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Homeless Still in Parkway

Two things are evident in this story, the homeless are being rousted daily, which means the aggressive—but compassionate—approach taken by the County last year is holding firm, and there is a deep and corrosive culture among the homeless who camp … Continue reading

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