Farm to Fork Advances

The excellent branding of Sacramento, with a great historical connection, moves forward with the opening of a new restaurant, as reported by the Sacramento Bee.

An excerpt.

“In a move prompted in part by increased competition for Sacramentans’ food dollars, downtown dining fixture Spataro Restaurant & Bar will shut down after the last diner is served on Saturday.

“The restaurant at 1415 L St., across from the Capitol, is scheduled to reopen April 15 as Hock Farm Craft & Provisions, a new, smaller venue embracing the current “farm to fork” trend, which emphasizes ingredients from nearby farms. Spataro’s bar will reopen as a separate nightclub called Vanguard.

“Spataro’s switch follows other changes made in recent years by eateries affiliated with Randy Paragary, who once dominated the central city restaurant scene but in recent years has faced competition from numerous newcomers that have garnered critical recognition and crowds of diners.

“Spataro is named after Kurt Spataro, the executive chef of Paragary Restaurant Group and a partner in the company.

“We really appreciate the support over the last eight years and take a lot of pride in it,” Spataro said of his namesake eatery. “At some point, though, these things generally come to an end for one reason or another.

“Today, it’s more about being casual and being nimble and being smaller. This is the new concept.”

“Hock Farm will be owned by Paragary Restaurant Group in partnership with three former Paragary employees – executive chef David LaRoche, a protege of Spataro, and managing partners Shaun Freeman and Brad Peters.

“We’ve had many talented employees leave us to open their own concepts. This is a way for us to retain that talent, as well as bring a fresh perspective,” Paragary said in a statement.”

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