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Big Stores Help Consumers

And it is good that Sacramento is considering loosening the restrictions on where they can be built, as reported by the Sacramento Bee. Our family favorite is Costco, which saves us hundreds of dollars a year, as do shoppers, which … Continue reading

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Clean Air & Water

These are two of the strongest causes we can thank the environmental movement for championing, and it is clear there is a lot more work to do on the air in California’s Central Valley, as the Sacramento Bee reports. An … Continue reading

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Managing Parks, Public/Private Partnerships

It is the strategy we propose for the American River Parkway and this article from Philanthropy Magazine notes its effectiveness. An excerpt. “Memphis “Ecstatic children shriek with delight, piercing the summer humidity. Around a bend in a curving arbor, a … Continue reading

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Regional Housing

One of the reasons environmentalists are giving for opposing new suburban development is that “they would create more housing than the region needs”, but—in yet another recurring reality negating environmentalist’s arguments—this story in the Sacramento Bee indicates there is a … Continue reading

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Mines into Suburbs

This suburban plan being proposed sounds like a wonderful example of building around parks and parkways, as reported by the Sacramento Bee, with the usual suspects in opposition to anything suburban. An excerpt. “The West Jackson Highway area has contributed … Continue reading

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Vernal Pools

We seem to have a richness around our County and, as this article from Sacramento News & Review reports, there is precious little coordination and management being done to protect and strengthen them. What is obvious from reading this story … Continue reading

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Density Equals Prosperity?

It is part of the narrative of the urban coreites, which this article from New Geography examines. An excerpt. “Perhaps no idea is more widely accepted among urban core theorists than the notion that higher population densities lead to more … Continue reading

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