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Water Resources & Trust

They are connected and this article from the Sacramento Bee explains why. An excerpt. “A recent conversation made me realize that something critical was missing from the efforts to “fix” the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta. “The Bay Delta Conservation Plan proponents … Continue reading

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Suburban Cities as New Trend?

Of course they are, though you wouldn’t know it if you listen to the projections from the cultural heights. Suburban type cities, spread out, car friendly, where single family homes predominate, are clearly where most people are migrating to, as … Continue reading

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Farm to Fork & the River

A wonderful article from SacTown Magazine noting the great connection that can be made, and it was a connection we also made, in a differant way, in an article  posted to the Sacramento Press last year, An excerpt from the SacTown article. “The … Continue reading

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ARPPS Letter Published

In the Sacramento Bee last Thursday. Rejuvenating downtown would help the River Parkway Published Thursday, Apr. 04, 2013 Re “Keeping Kings in Sacramento is in the best interest of NBA” (Editorial, April 3): The editorial saying that keeping the Kings … Continue reading

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Salmon in the Floodplain

The experiment seems to be working, and that is very good news, as the Sacramento Bee reports. An excerpt. “The salmon swam out of the rice fields Wednesday, and they came out fatter than ever. “The experiment to raise juvenile … Continue reading

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Dry Year, Need More Water

The two methods first developed several decades ago to provide for adequate water storage and flood control for California was to build Shasta Dam much higher than it now is—and it was engineered for that height so could be easily … Continue reading

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Reward for Parkway Sexual Assault

As reported in the Sacramento Bee. “A reward is being offered for the arrest of a man who sexually assaulted a jogger on a well-traveled portion of the American River Parkway last week. “The woman was knocked to the ground … Continue reading

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Telecommuting Works

An excellent article from New Geography about it. An excerpt. “Marissa Mayer’s pronunciamento banning home-based work at Yahoo reflects a great dilemma facing companies and our country over the coming decade. Forget for a minute the amazing hubris of a … Continue reading

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