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Food Stamp Spending & Farmer’s Markets

One of the rationales for bringing farmer’s markets to low income communities is to ensure low income people have access to good food at a reasonable price, but as these statistics reveal from an article in the Sacramento News & … Continue reading

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We Need More Water

As this article in the Sacramento Bee reports, there are already water shortage issues and this has been a relatively normal rain year, only a few inches below the average, so the continuing question for public leadership is, when are we going … Continue reading

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Parkway Traffic Jam

As this article from the Sacramento Bee indicates, it just keeps getting worse, a testament to the Parkway itself and also, a clear call for expanding the trail—which we posted on earlier—in addition to enforcing the traffic rules. An excerpt … Continue reading

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High Density Living Doesn’t Reduce Car Use Much

As this article from New Geography reports An excerpt. “Around the world planners are seeking to increase urban densities, at least in part because of the belief that this will materially reduce automobile use and encourage people to give up … Continue reading

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Camp Pollack

A superb article in the Sacramento Bee about the refurbishing of this historic site in the American River Parkway. An excerpt. “As campers straighten up tents, gather firewood and rest after a day of activity, nature responds with the calming … Continue reading

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Farm to Fork: The Local Farmers

An excellent article from the Sacramento Press. An excerpt. “Sacramento is downright abuzz these days about the farm-to-fork movement, but does the enthusiasm translate into more income for local farmers? Sacramento-area farmers think so. They believe that heightened attention to … Continue reading

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Suburbs Still Where Majority of Americans Want to Live

Contrary to some reports, this truth still holds, as reported by New Geography. An excerpt. “It was widely reported that the Great Recession and subsequent economic malaise changed the geography of America. Suburbs, particularly in the Sun Belt, were becoming … Continue reading

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Homelessness & the Mentally Ill

Those who have studied the issue agree that a large problem with helping the chronic homeless illegally camping in the Parkway is that many of them are mentally ill and cannot respond effectively to the help that is available to … Continue reading

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Ten Guiding Principles of the Environment

The basic principles of the secular environmental movement are embodied in the platform of Deep Ecology, while those coming from the religious environmental movement are embodied in these principles from the Saint Kateri Tekakwitha Conservation Center. An excerpt. “1) The … Continue reading

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Sacramento, Climate Change, & the Auburn Dam

One of the first things that should be done by the city of Sacramento to prepare for climate change, as this article in the Sacramento Bee calls for, is to build Auburn Dam as the predictions of extreme weather include … Continue reading

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