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Suburban Housing Crisis

Smart growth policies have exacerbated it, as this article from New Geography indicate. An excerpt. The current housing recovery may be like manna to homeowners, but it may do little to ease a growing shortage of affordable residences, and could … Continue reading

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Sacramento Air is Cleaner

This is a victory for which honor is due to the environmental movement which has been in the lead on this issue for a long time, becasue finally, Sacramento’s air meets federal standards. Very good news, as reported by the Sacramento Bee. An … Continue reading

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Another Parkway Fire

This one happened on Friday, July 26th and was in Rancho Cordova, as the Sacramento Bee reports, and in a new story today, there is suspicion of arson. An excerpt. Firefighters have contained a grass fire that burned about 40 … Continue reading

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Parkway Fire

Many of the past fires in the Parkway are suspected to have been started by illegal camper’s and the area where the fire started is an illegal camping area; so, hoping that is not the cause—considering the good work the … Continue reading

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Global Warming

A very nice take on the fact that global warming has stopped, from Catholic Culture. An excerpt. Global warming has stopped. After a long upward, world temperatures have stopped rising. But the doomsayers—the people who have been warning for years that … Continue reading

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Answer to Drought ? More Storage, Part II

The most obvious conclusion to a lack of water in a water-rich region is to capture it in wet years to prepare for the dry ones, a simple concept the Sacramento Bee has apparently not yet figured out—though some of … Continue reading

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Answer to Drought? More Storage

More water storage is clearly the answer to drought (and stronger flood protection) and the Auburn Dam, among others, is a major piece of that answer for us in the Sacramento region, though it is not mentioned in this Sacramento … Continue reading

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Dangerous River

Especially at the confluence where there is a big drop off, as this story from the Sacramento Bee reports. An excerpt. On a record-hot Fourth of July, with temperatures soaring to 110 degrees, a young man sought relief in the … Continue reading

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Parkway Access

Very nice article in the Sacramento Bee reporting on the new interchange being built on Highway 50 at Watt Avenue which will make access to the Parkway much easier for folks on the south side of Folsom Blvd. An excerpt. … Continue reading

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Suburban Charm

It’s deeply endearing, as the vast majority of Americans know and as this article from New Geography reports. An excerpt. Eastvale, a new community just over the Riverside County line from Orange County, is a place that most urbanists would … Continue reading

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