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Suburban Building Resumes

In this story from the Sacramento Bee, the reemergence of the suburban housing industry in our region is very good news, as it is one of the backbones of regional prosperity and growth. An excerpt. Big yellow earthmovers with tires … Continue reading

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Rafting Gone Wild

Our organization does not support alcohol bans on the Parkway, as noted in the Sacramento Bee for this weekend, preferring ongoing law enforcement presence when needed. The Lower American River through the Parkway is a major recreational rafting location and … Continue reading

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Environmentalism at Yosemite

Protecting a park from overuse is a sound thing to do–when overuse is defined in relation to historical trends–especially important when it takes away historical amenities from those who are its prime users, as this article from the Sacramento Bee … Continue reading

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Sacred Suburbia

Excellent article from New Geography, which most suburbanites will recognize as emblematic of their neighborhoods; I surely do about mine. An excerpt. “From the earliest times, cities have revolved around three basic concepts – security, the marketplace and what I … Continue reading

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Parkway Rangers

An excellent story from the Sacramento News & Review illuminating the tough work Sacramento County does keeping the Parkway safe, and the dedication and competence of the two men most in charge of that effort, Chief Ranger Lumsden and Parks … Continue reading

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Parkway Illegal Campers

An enlightening story from the Sacramento News & Review revealing how homeless campers avoid the ranger’s efforts to stop their illegal camping in the Parkway; and also revealing the need for more law enforcement tools that can be applied adjacent to … Continue reading

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Have a Wonderful 4th of July

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Spear Fishing in the Parkway

Who Knew? Anyway, a cautionary note as reported by the article in the Sacramento Bee. An excerpt. “If you want to try spearfishing in the American River, don’t start by purchasing a spear gun, or investigating where to dive for … Continue reading

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Environmentalism’s Destructive Path

From an excellent article in New Geography. Excerpts. “Eighty years ago, the Tennessee Valley region was like many poor rural communities in tropical regions today. The best forests had been cut down to use as fuel for wood stoves. Soils … Continue reading

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Gibson Ranch Update

I asked Doug Ose for an update on Gibson Ranch Park last week and here is his reply, which makes it clear the park is fulfilling the promise we saw in the transfer to forprofit management, and the opening comment about dealing … Continue reading

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