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A Memory from the Day

When California celebrated building one of the greatest water systems in the world, 50 years ago when President John F Kennedy came to dedicate the Whiskeytown Dam to move water from north to south, as reported by the Sacramento Bee. … Continue reading

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Portland to Reduce Mass Transit by 70%?

After years of mass transit construction that no one uses—other than those on the transit corridors in the east and a couple west coast cities—reality is beginning to set in and the Portland story is one of the jewels in … Continue reading

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Farm to Fork, Behind the Marketing

An excellent article from Sacramento News & Review examining a few of the details, some critical, behind the promotion of this newest Sacramento marketing drive. An excerpt. Sturgeon caviar, wine and some of the city’s most enthusiastic foodies will convene this Friday evening … Continue reading

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Permanent Farmer’s Market

We wrote an article about Sacramento’s need for this last November in the Sacramento Press, and now a group with solid credentials appears ready to do it, as reported in the Sacramento Bee and we hope they will consider a … Continue reading

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Cities & Suburbs

A wonderful article from New Geography about the urbanologist’s dreams of the former and the realities of both. An excerpt. People care deeply about where they live. If you ever doubt that, remember this: they staged massive protests over a park in … Continue reading

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K Street Drama, Not Over Yet

Just when it looked like the eternally running drama over what to do with K Street after ruining it over and over again trying to recapture the magic when it served as the great main street of downtown back-in-the-day, the … Continue reading

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San Francisco’s Illegal Parkway Campers

Only they have ocean views, but the situation is similar, as this story from the San Francisco Chronicle reports, with homeless camping virtually allowed for decades, as it essentially was in the Parkway until last year when the County got … Continue reading

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Helping the River

The American River Conservancy is an excellent organization, deserving of our support, and they have recently completed another purchase protecting public access to the upper parts of the river, as this story in the Sacramento Bee reports. An excerpt. A … Continue reading

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Cattle Drive in Cowtown, Cool!

What a great idea to promote farm to fork, as this story from the Sacramento Bee reports. An excerpt. An epithet once used to dismiss the city as sleepy and unsophisticated is about to help kick off Sacramento’s upcoming Farm-to-Fork … Continue reading

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Suburbs Rule

New Geography continues to rout the arguments of the anti-suburban alarmists, as this recent article reveals, once again. An excerpt. Sure, suburbs have big problems. Their designs force their inhabitants to drive in cars, instead of walking and bicycling. This diminishes face-to-face … Continue reading

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