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California’s Green Gentry

Excellent article from New Geography about their environmental causes and the impacts. An excerpt. Historically, progressives were seen as partisans for the people, eager to help the working and middle classes achieve upward mobility even at expense of the ultrarich. … Continue reading

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Middle Class Jobs & Sacramento

Being a government town, it is no surprise that the creation of private sector jobs is not our strong suit, but being almost last (49th )among 51 cities ranked is really bad, as this article from New Geography notes—graph at … Continue reading

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City & Suburban Poverty

In what should not be a surprise, the largest concentration of poverty is in the city, as New Geography reports. An excerpt. The US Census Bureau recently released poverty rate data by state, county and metropolitan area for 2012. As … Continue reading

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Bad Analysis

Declining suburban development to discourage long commutes, as this editorial from the Sacramento Bee touts Yolo County for doing, misses the point that even though those folks who want to live in a quiet suburb near small towns will commute … Continue reading

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Suburban Growth & Rendering Plant

It is good that this plant will be moving to a more hospitable clime, as the Sacramento Bee reports, as the area they are now in is slowly becoming suburbanized. In the suburb I lived in for a few years during my … Continue reading

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This editorial from the Sacramento Bee encouraging the losing of already rare parking spots downtown/midtown to create parklets or bike parking is not a good use of space and further discourages suburban folks from coming downtown. The parklets are more … Continue reading

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Boomers Headed to the City?

Well no, though some folks certainly tried to make that case, which the intrepid Joel Kotkin—who will be speaking in Sacramento about suburbs at the Metro Chamber November  15th State of Sacramento County event—at New Geography straightened out. An excerpt. … Continue reading

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Local Home Sales Drop, A Pause?

This seems to be a statewide issue, as this story from the Sacramento Bee reports. An excerpt. Historically speaking, home sales volume in the Sacramento region drops off from August to September. This year, however, the seasonal dip was particularly … Continue reading

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Park Usage

Rand has come up with some interesting ideas on how to increase it. An excerpt, with several more links after the jump. Most Americans fail to meet national recommendations for physical activity, and inactivity is associated with numerous health problems, … Continue reading

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Bliss in the Suburbs

This is a great article from Sacramento News & Review about the joy found, after moving from Midtown and other city locations, in Roseville, yes, Roseville. An excerpt. The idea seems simple enough, but when I tell the barista at my favorite … Continue reading

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