Carmichael Public Market

This is a project with legs, as reported by the Sacramento Bee, especially since it will be in the suburbs and have plenty of free parking.

An excerpt.

Nancy Emerson Davis didn’t win her father’s approval of every real estate deal she made, and she endured her share of lengthy lectures from the multimillionaire developer who built Arco Arena, the Hyatt Regency Sacramento and the high-rise Renaissance Tower.

Joe Benvenuti did, however, heartily approve of the project that Davis and her husband, Allan Davis, are pursuing in Carmichael – a public market that the couple is calling Milagro Centre. Three days before Benvenuti died, just after Nancy Davis kissed him good night, he told her that he was certain the project would make a lot of money.

“He was 91, and I think he thought, ‘Wow, they’re finally doing something,’” Nancy Davis said. “So I just smiled and I said, ‘Well, I hope so.’ And he said, ‘Yeah, it will.’ He could have said, ‘Why are you wasting your time?’ because that was his MO all the time. ‘Don’t waste your money’ and ‘I don’t know why you’re doing that.’ I walked out of there, and I thought, ‘OK, that’s good.’”

The Davises see Milagro (Spanish for “miracle”) as a culinary hub that will feature restaurants and brewpubs, specialty food and grocery vendors, and specialty items for the kitchen. They are working with architects Kenton C. Russell and Michael Martin to completely update and revamp an existing strip mall at 6241 Fair Oaks Blvd. Most interior walls are being removed to open up the space, and they’re adding skylights, an atrium with live bamboo and a fireplace, plus two rooms for private meetings.

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