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Making Rain

Cloud seeding can be very productive as this article from the Sacramento Bee reports, and as the technology improves the resulting rainfall might be greatly increased, which, again, leads to the obvious conclusion, where can we store more water if … Continue reading

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War on Suburbs a Straw Man?

Well, that’s what the Sacramento Bee says the organizers of Friday’s event—where noted suburban defender Joel Kotkin spoke—were doing, creating a straw man; then in a strange lack of awareness, the two articles in the Bee, one an editorial, one … Continue reading

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Suburbs, Capitalism, & Governance

There has been some discussion recently—such as this editorial in the Sacramento Bee—around decisions by the Sacramento County Board of Supervisors approving suburban developments, mentioning specifically the Cordova Hills project. In our opinion, the Supervisors have acted responsibly approving well-planned … Continue reading

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Suburbia’s Bard, Replay

John Updike was that, a man who loved and appreciated the suburbs understanding what they represented for so many in the post-war period, and this New Geography memorial written soon after he died, is exquisite. An excerpt. John Updike, the … Continue reading

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Dam Building on Horizon?

Apparently so, as this Journal Report/Energy story from the Wall Street Journal notes, all of which is very good news for proponents—including our organization—for building the Auburn Dam. An excerpt. Apparently, it’s safe to go back to the water. After … Continue reading

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Fertile Salmon Fields

Great story about raising salmon in the Yolo Bypass, from the Sacramento News & Review. An excerpt. The fields of the Sacramento River floodplain generate much of the nation’s rice supply—but if managed just right, it seems they could also … Continue reading

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Carmichael Public Market

This is a project with legs, as reported by the Sacramento Bee, especially since it will be in the suburbs and have plenty of free parking. An excerpt. Nancy Emerson Davis didn’t win her father’s approval of every real estate … Continue reading

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