Suburban Derangement Syndrome

SDS is rampant among the left, as anything connected to suburban living: cars, ranch style homes, yards, barbeques, swimming pools, etc., seems to generate an episode, especially among the media mavens suffering from it.

This article from Politico is a good example of SDS in full throat.

An excerpt:

Think of New Jersey and what comes to mind is the distilled essence of every tragic choice made in this country since the mid-20th century: namely, the fiasco of suburban sprawl and the miserable sclerosis of its diminishing returns—a whole state composed of places no longer worth caring about.

Gov. Chris Christie’s problems with the phony “traffic study” on the George Washington Bridge, apparently intended to punish the mayor of Fort Lee for failure to offer an election endorsement, ought to be seen as a symptom of a much greater societal illness: the over-investment in a living arrangement with no future.

That is the essence of the suburban matrix. It has no future because it was designed to run on cheap oil. Despite the hype broadcast during these past few years of extraordinary wishful thinking, America is not destined to become “energy independent,” “the next Saudi Arabia” or “the world’s leading oil exporter.” This is all pernicious bullshit. The raptures of shale oil arise out of the inhalations of Ponzi smoke and mirrors. America will soon learn the painful truth: Shale oil is a bubble among many financial bubbles. It will not fulfill America’s master wish: to be able to keep driving to WalMart forever.

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