New Arena, Wow!

In what is surely going to be one of the most beautiful venues to play basketball in the country, the Sacramento Kings unveiled their new arena design, as reported by the Sacramento Bee.

An excerpt.

The Sacramento Kings unveiled final drawings of their planned $448 million downtown arena Monday, depicting a see-through building they say captures what is quintessentially Sacramento, without looking quite like anything else that has been built here.

Following their vow to create an indoor-outdoor building that does justice to Sacramento’s warm climate, team architects gave the arena a half-block-long front entry dominated by five glass aircraft hangar doors that can fold upward to create a five-story opening, allowing people in the arena plaza and even motorists on nearby J Street to see directly into the facility.

The structure’s facade is a distinctive silvery-white series of vertical panels made out of patterned glass, perforated, see-through aluminum, and Sierra limestone.

The adjacent public plaza is envisioned as a microcosm of the region’s agriculture and outdoor lifestyle, with tomatoes growing in hydroponic gardens, an outdoor grandstand or grassy amphitheater facing the arena’s open face, and a sunken area, called a “bosque,” lined with almond trees. The arena’s facade patterns – or fritting – will depict leaves and trees.

“We’re trying to blur the lines between arena … and public space,” Kings President Chris Granger said Monday, showing the drawings to The Sacramento Bee.

Mark Friedman, a Sacramento developer and part owner of the Kings, said the building’s see-through design is a combination of classic and modern, “something that doesn’t look like anything else. The building is alive and it breathes.”

“When you look around Sacramento, we don’t really have a great architectural tradition,” he said. “I think this shows a new architectural direction forward for the community.”

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