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Water Storage: Los Angeles Smart, Sacramento Dumb

That is the only conclusion you can reach from a few paragraphs in a recent story from the Sacramento Bee about the drought: An excerpt. Although many local communities and farmers are already suffering from dry conditions, this is not … Continue reading

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I Love Amazon

As a former devotee of all bookstores, new and used, suburban mall and urban streets, forgive me, but I have fallen deeply in love—over the past several years—with and its absolutely superior way, in my opinion, of selling books … Continue reading

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State Budget, Building Rainy Day Fund?

We haven’t heard that strategy from state government executive leadership for awhile and it is heartening to hear, . We hope Governor Brown carries this idea over to saving actual rain water during the above average rainy seasons for … Continue reading

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Eminent Domain

The eminent domain lawsuit the city is filing to help move the downtown arena project forward, reported here, is an excellent use of this strategy, which is designed exactly for this reason, to move public projects along and not … Continue reading

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Water & Public Administration

There was a time during the early and middle part of the past century when the public administration of the state of California advanced and began to implement a sound public policy around water based on the needs of human … Continue reading

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Dams & Water Storage: Raising Shasta & Building Auburn

Dan Walters noted in a column from last month in the Sacramento Bee, that “More storage may be California’s most important water issue”: As we have continually advocated, and as the original engineering done for the California State Water … Continue reading

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