Crushed Can, King’s Crown, Etc.

Well sure, the new arena plan could be seen as both of these and as Half Dome too—and what is more appropriate for a sports venue than a crushed aluminum can look—but whatever vision you see in the plans, it is a knockout and sure to totally help rejuvenate our downtown.

An excerpt from the Bee article.

Nicholas Docous says it looks like a king’s crown. Another Sacramento architect, Steven Johnson, dismisses it as something closer to a crushed aluminum can, discarded downtown. Rob Rothblatt, head of the team designing the arena, offers a grand view, likening it to Half Dome with its reach-for-the-sky profile.

Last week was a big one for architects and urban planners around Sacramento with the release of drawings for the new $448 million Kings arena proposed for the city’s Downtown Plaza. With a court fight looming, it’s unclear the arena will even get built.

But the handful of color renderings depicting a see-through edifice perched on K Street sent a jolt through the design community: Could this be the moment Sacramento shakes loose from its historically conservative approach to civic structures?

“Sacramento is not one to push any boundaries,” architect Jason Silva of Dreyfuss & Blackford said. “This is an opportunity to do that. I am hoping Sacramento won’t shoot itself in the foot” by trying to tone down the building.

Sacramento City Planning and Design Commission member Phil Harvey said the openness of the design reminds him of the Mondavi Center for the Performing Arts in Davis or another recent effort that was also well received: the see-through entrance to the new CalPERS building on Q Street.

“One of the biggest challenges is these arenas tend to be big boxes plopped down, but this has the opportunity to be visually interesting, inside and out,” Harvey said. “I am fairly blown away.”

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