Public Leadership Fails on Water

While the immediate actions they are taking are good, as reported in this article from the Sacramento Bee, the long range ideas they are floating continues a long-term failure to respond to the obvious need for more dams to store water to protect against drought and flooding while providing hydropower in the bargain.

An excerpt.

Gov. Jerry Brown and legislative leaders on Wednesday unveiled a proposal to spend roughly $687 million to alleviate the impacts of California’s drought, including efforts to clean and recycle water, improve conservation, capture rain, and give emergency food and housing assistance to farmworkers who will be out of work because their fields are fallow.

“The best way to make our communities more resilient to drought is to invest in projects that get the most out of every drop of water,” said Senate leader Darrell Steinberg, who joined the governor and Assembly Speaker John A. Pérez in announcing the plan at the state’s Office of Emergency Services at Mather Field.

Money for the proposal would largely come from water and flood-prevention bonds voters approved in 2006, which means lawmakers don’t have to wait for the annual budget process to approve spending the money. Steinberg and Pérez said they thought the legislation could go through in the next couple of weeks.

“We can get that money out the door and put it to use now,” Steinberg said.

The state’s top three Democrats spoke in front of a command center where state workers in brightly colored vests monitor all kinds of disasters – earthquakes, floods, fires, and even the current drought, which Pérez called a crisis that “goes beyond anything we have faced in our lifetime.”

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