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Folsom Dam Work

It is progressing nicely, as this story from the Sacramento Bee reports, but even with this work, Sacramento will still only have a 200 year level of flood protection—New Orleans had a 250 year level when Katrina hit—which is better … Continue reading

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Sailor Bar Concrete Yard

It is very good news that the County is finally planning to remove the concrete and asphalt stored there and, we assume, restore this Parkway acreage to its proper use, to be enjoyed by Parkway users. An excerpt from the … Continue reading

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Happy City Debunked

Most anti-suburban screeds, like the book Happy City, are disguised as scholarly studies to parlay the myth that folks really love the dense city rather than the spread out suburbs, even though folks voting with their feet continue to move … Continue reading

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Homelessness & Technology

Using the latter to help reduce the former is a wonderful idea, sketched out in this article from Fast Co-Exist. An excerpt. With levels of homelessness at historic highs, New York City is now working to improve how it uses … Continue reading

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Natures’ Drought, Policy Failure

Public leadership is mandated to protect against well-known natural events that threaten the public, but as it regards drought—or flooding—California and the federal government have failed horribly, as this article from the Sacramento Bee notes. An excerpt. Drought is a … Continue reading

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Recent Congressional Remarks on Auburn Dam

These remarks from Congressman McClintock were presented Wednesday. An excerpt. Water and Power Sub-Committee Hearing on: H.R. 3980, “The Water Supply Permitting Coordination Act” H.R. 3981, “The Accelerated Revenue, Repayment” and Discussion Draft, “To Amend the Secure Water Act of … Continue reading

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San Francisco Bay Area Growth

A very nice story from New Geography about the growth connected to San Francisco’s strong and tech oriented economy. An excerpt. Despite planning efforts to restrict it, the Bay Area continues to disperse. For decades, nearly all population and employment … Continue reading

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Streetcars Coming Back?

They once ran all over Sacramento and this story from the Sacramento Bee that the Kings will help jump start a new line, is great news. An excerpt. The Sacramento Kings have agreed to pay $500,000 to help launch a … Continue reading

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Crushed Can, King’s Crown, Etc.

Well sure, the new arena plan could be seen as both of these and as Half Dome too—and what is more appropriate for a sports venue than a crushed aluminum can look—but whatever vision you see in the plans, it … Continue reading

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