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McKinley Village Approved

As reported by the Sacramento Bee, this looks like an excellent project that will add immeasurably to the East Sacramento neighborhood and make good use of the parcel. An excerpt. Sacramento City Council members approved a controversial plan Tuesday to … Continue reading

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El Nino Returning?

Could be good news for a drought ravaged California or bad, if it leads to flooding. This article from the Wall Street Journal notes the possibility. An excerpt. NEW YORK—The weather phenomenon known as El Niño is poised to return, … Continue reading

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Climate Change, Deniers, & Alarmists

This article from the Ethics & Public Policy Center is a good reminder that the climate change alarmists who demand everyone accept their “consensus” or be labeled as deniers, are really those who want to deny any more argument on … Continue reading

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Aggressive Panhandling

Sacramento County has taken measures to stop it, as reported by the Sacramento Bee, and we hope that the new efforts work as this is a serious problem impacting public safety. An excerpt. Sacramento County supervisors voted this week to … Continue reading

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A Good Idea

Comes to us from Governing. An excerpt. After one of the longer winters in recent memory, the city of Milwaukee is planning to engage in a new kind of rebirth. As the ice melts away, a number of parcels of … Continue reading

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Hatcheries Saving the Day

Without the hatcheries and the trucking of salmon, as reported by the Sacramento Bee, this drought would have decimated the salmon population. An excerpt. Chinook salmon have resumed their long truck trip from a federal hatchery near Red Bluff to … Continue reading

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ARPPS Press Release

PRESS RELEASE For Immediate Release April 22, 2014 Sacramento, California Open Letter to Sacramento City Council A plan to expand an existing homeless gathering place by more than 100%–from approximately .75 acre to 1.78 acres—as reported by the April 21, … Continue reading

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Homeless Program’s Expansion

This plan to expand, as reported by the Sacramento Bee, would add more disaster upon the already disastrous concentration of homeless services in the River District and their contribution to the illegal camping by the homeless in the downtown area … Continue reading

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Captures Environmentalism Superbly

That is what this article from the New York Times Magazine does, captures perfectly the despair, reversion to primitiveness, parental rebellion, fantasy world view and the visceral hatred of human technology, of the movement at its heart. An excerpt. Late … Continue reading

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Poll on Drought

This poll, as reported by the Sacramento Bee, is interesting, showing a solid support for more water storage. An excerpt. Californians agree their state is parched, but they diverge by region on how supplies dried up and what should be … Continue reading

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