Poll on Drought

This poll, as reported by the Sacramento Bee, is interesting, showing a solid support for more water storage.

An excerpt.

Californians agree their state is parched, but they diverge by region on how supplies dried up and what should be done about the drought.

“There’s clearly a consensus that the state has a serious water shortage,” Field Poll director Mark DiCamillo said of a survey on the subject released Tuesday. “There, however, is no consensus to what got us into this situation.”

Most voters told the Field Poll the state is grappling with a serious water shortage, and nearly two-thirds described the shortfall as “extremely serious.” While recent rains have somewhat replenished snowpack and reservoirs, the current drought remains one of the state’s worst.

Assigning blame – beyond lack of rain – got more complicated. A substantial chunk of voters, about 37 percent, said the fault lies with inefficient water use. A quarter of voters, 27 percent, said the problem is a lack of water storage facilities, a designation that generally evokes surface storage projects like dams and reservoirs but can also include groundwater. Another quarter saw some combination of the two.

“There’s a lot of water we could use that goes uncaptured,” said Kevin Cave, a 31-year-old railroad employee in Sacramento. “It seems like a lot of water is going to waste.”

Retrieved April 16, 2014 from http://www.sacbee.com/2014/04/16/6327692/field-poll-drought-responses-split.html

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