Aggressive Panhandling

Sacramento County has taken measures to stop it, as reported by the Sacramento Bee, and we hope that the new efforts work as this is a serious problem impacting public safety.

An excerpt.

Sacramento County supervisors voted this week to ban aggressive panhandling in response to complaints from suburban business leaders and residents.

The unincorporated area is the only part of Sacramento County without panhandling restrictions, according to county officials. Citrus Heights, Elk Grove, Sacramento and other cities have similar ordinances restricting the activity.

“Hopefully, now that we’re the last jurisdiction with this ordinance, we won’t have the preponderance of panhandling,” Supervisor Susan Peters said.

Supervisors voted 5-0 in favor of the ban after little discussion and testimony from several supporters and no opposition.

The final vote on the ordinance will take place May 13, and it will likely go into effect in June. The ordinance would prohibit panhandling in areas where people being solicited feel “vulnerable to crime, intimidation and coercion,” including medians, banks, ATMs and gas stations.

Violations would be cited as an infraction, with three infractions in six months resulting in a misdemeanor charge.

Representatives of the Watt Avenue Merchants Association, the Fulton Avenue Association and the Florin Road Partnership told the board that they support the ban. They said panhandling seems to be on the rise in certain parts of the county.

Arden Arcade has a major problem with panhandlers, said Melinda Eppler, executive director of the Fulton Avenue Association.

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