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Homelessness Along Rivers & Creeks

This article from California Planning & Development Report is a classic example of the inability of dealing effectively with illegal camping by the homeless—and the huge environmental degradation resulting—along rivers and creeks in San Jose, even with the presence of … Continue reading

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Infrastructure Approval

Right now, it is a horror to get approved and takes forever, but this article from Governing Magazine indicates it might be speeding up, which is very good news. An excerpt. State and local leaders know first-hand that transportation improvements … Continue reading

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Antarctic Ice Meltdown, Another View

Anytime fevered proclamations demands instant action—which may be devastating to our economy—it is prudent to look at the other view, and this from CFACT is pertinent. An excerpt. You just can’t beat the timing of two breathlessly announced reports suggesting … Continue reading

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Parkway Ranger Law Enforcement Activity Report

Though they haven’t yet gotten back to the monthly online reports that were produced for a couple years a few years ago, there are two posted for this year, a big improvement over the one produced from 2013. Access at … Continue reading

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Infill Development

Though I am a dedicated suburban community advocate, I also appreciate the deep value of creating more housing in Sacramento’s urban core, so this story from the Sacramento Bee, reporting on just that, is very good news. An excerpt. Big … Continue reading

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Best of the Burbs

The initial comment in this otherwise excellent lead-in to a new series in the Sacramento News & Review, is somewhat off-base, as most Sacramento suburbs are extremely well planned, to serve their primary purpose—housing families—and are very walkable, especially the … Continue reading

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Increasing Suburban Housing, Part Two

In part one yesterday, we noted the success of a local suburban community development against an environmentalist law suit; and in a recent article by Thomas Sowell, the larger view on what happens when housing is restricted by law suits … Continue reading

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