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Global Warming: Two Arguments

Though I like the first best, both are important to read. The first is from the National Review, and here are the first few paragraphs: The Environmental Protection Agency has won a victory at the Supreme Court, with a solid … Continue reading

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Fire Fighting in the West

This article from PERC, recently published in the Wall Street Journal, reminds us that human intervention in nature—while generally abhorrent to the environmentalist—is often the best solution to tragic events, such as wildfires destroying communities. An excerpt. The early onset … Continue reading

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EPA’s Emissions Policy

It was brought back into constitutional congruence by the Supreme Court yesterday, as reported by CFACT, with a link to the ruling after the jump. An excerpt. Justice Antonin Scalia, writing for the Court, importantly held that EPA “exceeded its … Continue reading

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Dakota Oil

Almost a hundred years ago, my family, immigrants from Russia fleeing Communism, came to the United States and settled in Williston, North Dakota, eventually coming to Sacramento; so it has a particular resonance to see the wealth being produced there … Continue reading

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Alps Were Once Free of Glaciers

Which is another chink removed from the armor of the global warming alarmists, as this article from CFACT reports. An excerpt. Dr. Christian Schlüchter’s discovery of 4,000-year-old chunks of wood at the leading edge of a Swiss glacier was clearly … Continue reading

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Auburn Dam Council Water Forum

An article about the event held last Friday is in the Auburn Journal. An excerpt. SACRAMENTO – Engineer Mike Preszler told an Auburn Dam Council forum that the long-debated multipurpose dam project near Auburn needs updated answers for a new … Continue reading

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California’s Legislature, Then and Now

Natives of the state who remember the 1960s—including yours truly—remember when our state legislature, especially after the downfall of lobbyist Artie Samish in the 1950s, was a serious body for sustained growth and social improvement, as this article by Victor … Continue reading

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Antarctic Glacier Melt is Not From Human-Made Global Warming

In another blow to the science used by the global warming alarmists, that is the result from the study reported by the Daily Caller. An excerpt. A new study by researchers at the University of Texas, Austin found that the … Continue reading

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Inland California

As we Sacramentans live in the fairly prosperous part—due to being the seat of government primarily—of the Inland area of California we tend to forget about the rest of the Inland, which, as this article from New Geography reports, isn’t … Continue reading

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Water Solutions?

The first listed idea, concerning water use in agriculture, of the two environmentalists writing in the Sacramento Bee is a good one—the rest not so good—and because they fail to mention building new dams for more water storage, their arguments … Continue reading

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