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Urbanizing LA

A hopeless quest—as it is in Sacramento, see K Street history—but one the LA urbanists are trying anyway, which Joel Kotkin dissects in this superb article. An excerpt. Southern California faces a crisis of confidence. A region that once imagined … Continue reading

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Being Homeless & Mentally Ill

As we noted yesterday, the policy of deinstitutionalization of the mentally ill has created huge problems for the mentally ill who are homeless, portrayed in this article from City Journal. An excerpt. Early last February, Jerome Murdough, homeless and seeking … Continue reading

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Being Homeless

When our society made the decision to shut down large mental institutions assuming people would be better treated in the community, (which this article describes, ) even when it is clearly not in their best interest; the results for … Continue reading

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Downtown Housing

I lived in Capital Towers many years ago, and treasured the park feeling of the superblock site, but this new plan, as reported by the Sacramento Bee, to add more housing there, is really a good idea, but only if … Continue reading

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Controlled Burns in Parkway

Given the lack of success in stopping the illegal camping in the North Sacramento/Cal Expo area of the Parkway—considered the most likely cause of the recent spate of Parkway fires in that area—allowing the Fire Department to do controlled burns … Continue reading

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Metro Map of Sacramento

In the pdf attached to this article from New Geography is the new metro map of Sacramento, as well as several other areas, which show an interesting profile. An excerpt, with link to the maps after the jump. Maps have … Continue reading

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Parkway Fires

The important conclusion in this news story about Parkway fires from the Sacramento Bee is that most of the fires are in the North Sacramento/Cal Expo area of the Parkway, exactly where the concentration of illegal camping by the homeless … Continue reading

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Tuesday’s Parkway Fire Homeless Caused?

That seems to be the conclusion drawn in this news story from KCRA. An excerpt. SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KCRA) —Sacramento fire investigators on Wednesday pinpointed the spot where they suspect a 40-acre wildfire started Tuesday afternoon — the rebuilt train trestles … Continue reading

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Another Parkway Fire

As reported by the Sacramento Bee. An excerpt. Sacramento fire crews on Tuesday evening knocked down a fire that burned an area along the American River bike trail, prompting closure of the Capital City Freeway for about 20 minutes. Sacramento … Continue reading

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Water School

A real nice horde of information on water from the USGS Water Science School. An excerpt. As you know, the Earth is a watery place. But just how much water exists on, in, and above our planet? About 71 percent … Continue reading

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