Tuesday’s Parkway Fire Homeless Caused?

That seems to be the conclusion drawn in this news story from KCRA.

An excerpt.

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KCRA) —Sacramento fire investigators on Wednesday pinpointed the spot where they suspect a 40-acre wildfire started Tuesday afternoon — the rebuilt train trestles that run through the American River Parkway.

“We are confident that this is human-caused,” said Roberto Padilla, a spokesman for the Sacramento Fire Department. “And we are not ruling out arson or an accident.”

The area is heavily populated with homeless camps and transients in the middle of thick brush and dense terrain under bone-dry drought conditions.

“Since January of 2014, there have been 23 fires on the parkway for a total of about 400 acres,” said Dianna Poggetto, executive director of the American River Parkway Foundation.

ARPF, a nonprofit organization, supports additional firebreaks and more aggressive fire management to cut down on the volume of dry vegetation — while still preserving the natural beauty of the parkway.

But the containment strategy is controversial even among environmentalists.

“We are absolutely opposed to controlled burns,” said Stephen Green, of Save the American River Association.

Green fears that controlled burns only would make things worse.

“If you have a wind like we have right now, there will be embers flying into the weeds, setting fires,” Green said.

Fire management techniques include “animals, heavy equipment or relying on prescribed burning,” Padilla told KCRA 3.

With millions of people using the American River Parkway every year, the debate over how to reduce the number of fires inside an urban jewel is only getting more heated.

Retrieved July 19, 2014 from http://www.kcra.com/news/Investigators-pinpoint-wildfire-origin-near-Cal-Expo/26990492#!bijJWq

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