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Homeless Helping Themselves

The homeless illegally camping in the American River Parkway is a huge problem that has been going on for decades, so any worthy program that appears to offer hope to getting people out of homelessness is one we profile. This … Continue reading

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Philanthropy, a Benchmark of Freedom

We often forget how fortunate we are to live in a country where private philanthropy is strong, and this recent editorial in the Philanthropy Roundtable Magazine reminds us of the importance of that freedom. An excerpt. This is a time … Continue reading

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Hard to Believe, but…

This note in the newest issue of Philanthropy Roundtable Magazine is something that, if actually done—undoing the Central Parks Conservancy—would be an incredible act of bad governance. The note: An ugly parks plan If New York’s new mayor, Bill de … Continue reading

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Gold & Water on San Juan Ridge

The perennial battle resumes, as reported by the New York Times. An excerpt. NEVADA CITY, Calif. — It is quiet at Tim Callaway’s gold mine, with its crumbling concrete, rotting wood and the occasional butterfly accustomed to undisturbed access. But … Continue reading

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Government, Pay for Success

This sounds like a good approach—might work reducing illegal camping in the Parkway—and, good news, California is exploring it, reported by Governing Magazine. An excerpt. Nobody likes to pay taxes, but I suspect that most people would find it a … Continue reading

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Downtown’s Transition

As a result of the new arena going in, there is an anticipation of tremendous related development and the first bit of it is this recent purchase of a whole city block, as reported by the Sacramento Bee. An excerpt. … Continue reading

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Latest on Global Warming

This great article from City Journal points out—once again—why the claimed “settled science for human-caused global warming” is a claim that is very premature, and in fact, the evidence (correctly interpreted) seems to actually point the other way. An excerpt. … Continue reading

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Urbanist Dream, Suburbanist Nightmare

That about sums up this article from our favorite thinker on urban/suburban affairs, Joel Kotkin. An excerpt. What is a city for? It’s a crucial question, but one rarely asked by the pundits and developers who dominate the debate over … Continue reading

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Global Cities of Influence

An interesting article from New Geography about the power and influence of global cities: London and New York lead the top ten list, but two are in California, San Francisco and Los Angeles. An excerpt. In the past century, the … Continue reading

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Being Homeless in Sacramento

A tragic story from Sacramento News & Review of another violent attack on homeless people reminds us that the most positive thing homeless service organizations can do for their clients is to help them find a way out of homelessness. … Continue reading

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