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Hipster Suburbs

Well yes, read about them in this article from New Geography. An excerpt. It’s an idea echoed everywhere from “Friends” to “Girls”: Young people want to live in cities. And, we’re told, a lot of them (at least the cool … Continue reading

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Haven for Hope for Homeless

The homeless service campus in San Antonio, Texas is a wonderful model Sacramento might consider emulating as it works to help people out of homelessness rather than enabling homelessness through the provision of services without asking for any reformative work … Continue reading

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Downtown Development, the Old Donut

This is a very interesting article from New Geography about the Old Donut and the New Donut theory of development, which is relevant to Sacramento. An excerpt. Former Indianapolis Mayor Bill Hudnut used to like to say that “you can’t … Continue reading

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K Street Drama Still Playing

It is endless, but perhaps the synergy from the arena and an executive mayor, will finally bring this drama to a happy conclusion. An excerpt from the Sacramento Bee. One of the most blighted stretches of downtown Sacramento received a … Continue reading

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Houston & San Francisco

This New Geography article comparing the two cities does not bode well for San Francisco, which is certainly a more physically beautiful city; but if a city’s soul can be measured by its diversity, economic balance, and inclusiveness, then Houston … Continue reading

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Capitalism is Cool

And this wonderful article from Forbes Magazine, reminds us, once again, why that is so. An excerpt. In the wake of the financial crisis, there has been no shortage of hand-wringing about the over-representation of top college graduates in a … Continue reading

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The Suburban Ranch Home

Cliff May made it normative and this early model of his work shows why it has become the standard in California, as reported by the San Francisco Chronicle. Some wonderful photos of it at the jump. An excerpt. Historic home … Continue reading

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Central Park Biking

Central Park and the Central park Conservancy which provides daily management under contract with the city of New York is our model for what we consider the optimal management model for the American River Parkway; but even they have problems, … Continue reading

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Suburbs & Car Culture Rules

That is the clear results of the latest surveys, and again, calls into question the vast sums spent on transit which few use, while roads and freeways, which almost everyone uses, receive all too little funding, reported on by New … Continue reading

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