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Happy Thanksgiving

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Week! We’ll start blogging again on Monday December 1st Take care.

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Helping the Homeless

Finally, according to this story in the Sacramento Bee, it appears that helping the homeless get out of being homeless rather than helping them stay homeless (the mission of many programs most of the illegal Parkway campers come from in … Continue reading

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Fix the Salmon Run

The fix to allow salmon to get to their spawning grounds, as reported by the Sacramento Bee, appears to be relatively simple and we hope it is accomplished in time for the next salmon run. An excerpt. On a recent … Continue reading

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Removing Illegal Camps & Helping Homeless

As reported by the Sacramento News & Review, that appears to be the dual mission undertaken by West Sacramento to remove an illegal campgrounds—which had been housing some homeless for years—and allowing the area, bought by a private company, to … Continue reading

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Pacific Flyway

We are very fortunate to live along this route and this is the time of year when it is most enjoyable, as this photo essay from the Sacramento Bee reveals, see at

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Farming the Bluefin

This has been one of the hardest prime fish to domesticate, but it is finally being done, as this story from Wall Street Journal reports. An excerpt. KUSHIMOTO, Japan— Tokihiko Okada was on his boat one recent morning when his … Continue reading

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Salmon are Running

The wondrous annual event is underway, as this article from the Sacramento Bee reports. An excerpt. A miraculous thing happens each fall in the Sacramento Valley, and it’s not the end of 100-degree weather: Salmon return to the area’s rivers … Continue reading

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Capitalism Works With Environmentalism

Capitalist societies are much better able to deal with their own problems as it relates to the environment, utilizing ideas and practice based on liberty rather than governmental control, as this excellent article from The New Atlantis notes. An excerpt. … Continue reading

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Homeless Living by the River

Though this story from the Sacramento Bee isn’t about the homeless illegally camping in the Parkway—it’s about those camping next to the Sacramento River—it does reveal a strategy Yolo County is using that Sacramento County might explore. It also reveals … Continue reading

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Homelessness in Sacramento

One of the biggest handicaps to an effective, community-wide response to the issue is that much of the work in our fair city involves paper-based bureaucratic strategies which too often fail. The most effective strategy helping virtually any of the … Continue reading

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