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Christmas & New Year Blogging Break

Have a Wonderful & Merry Christmas and a Happy & Prosperous New Year! We will begin blogging again on Monday January 5, 2015.

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Innovation in Public Governance

This article from Harvard News looks at one innovation showing great promise, the i-team. An excerpt. Atlanta found housing for 1,022 formerly homeless individuals. Chicago reduced the time it takes to open a restaurant from 66 to 44 days. Louisville … Continue reading

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Infrastructure Crisis?

There certainly is one, in some areas, but in others things are fine and better than fine, but the left’s view is that it is all bad, as this story from New Geography notes. An excerpt. 60 Minutes ran a … Continue reading

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King’s Plans

These new drawings of the development planned around the arena are wonderful, and you can check them out at Sactown Magazine at

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Housing First

The housing first concept (which we support)—first developed by Pathways to Housing —method of dealing with the homeless, works, as this story from the San Jose Mercury News reports. An excerpt. We hear a lot about the great divide … Continue reading

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A Wonderful Essay on Suburbs

This outstanding four-chapter essay from The Economist about suburbs around the world reminds us of the three essential reasons the vast majority of people love the suburbs, it is because: “Suburbs are about family, ease and quietness.” An excerpt. THIRTY … Continue reading

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Fish, Fowl & Farms

Very nice article from the California Water Blog on how the three can benefit from better planning around engineered floodplains. An excerpt. Floodplains are extremely productive habitats for native fish and birds, yet floodplains in California are cut off from … Continue reading

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Homeless Camp Closed in Silicon Valley

A tough love approach is sometimes all that is left when dealing with those homeless who have been illegally camping for years in one area (sound familiar), as this story from San Jose Mercury News reports. An excerpt. SAN JOSE … Continue reading

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Downtown Development

A nice part of it, as reported by the Sacramento Bee, is that planned for the Marshall Hotel. An excerpt. Seizing on the downtown momentum sparked by construction of the new Sacramento Kings arena, developers said Monday they plan to … Continue reading

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Conservative Climate Change

This approach, contained in an article from The New Atlantis, is desperately needed to counter the left’s unworkable approach and the right’s denial of any approach. An excerpt. America’s climate policy to date has been a failure, and a costly … Continue reading

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