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Homeless Illegal Camping & Parkway Fires

Here is an important story from KCRA Channel 3, I missed when it was first reported in November of 2014 and it is so newsworthy even today, that I felt it deserved a post; especially considering the number of people … Continue reading

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Business-Class Bus Service

This idea has begun to spread, as this story from New Geography reports. An excerpt. Intercity bus companies have made some surprising moves to win a bigger slice of the business-travel market in the past year. City-to-city express operators like … Continue reading

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2014 Warmest? Maybe Not

This great article from the Acton Institute, examines the inaccuracy of the temperature measuring devices being used to determine global warming, and, as usual when looking beneath the surface of the end-of-the-world pronouncements from global warming activists, the truth is … Continue reading

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Communists Love Cities

And they had good reason, as this article from New Geography explains. An excerpt. Over time, suburbs have had many enemies, but perhaps none were more able to impose their version than the Communist Party of the Soviet Union. In … Continue reading

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Salmon & Cattle Don’t Mix Real Well

This truth is revealed quite clearly, as is the wonderful recovery of salmon habitat near Shasta, in this story from the California Water Blog. An excerpt. On the Shasta River, a lifeline for Siskiyou County cattle ranchers, more than 18,000 … Continue reading

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Atmospheric Rivers & Drought

They could end it, as this story from the Los Angeles Times reports. An excerpt. California’s drought crept in slowly, but it could end with a torrent of winter storms that stream across the Pacific, dumping much of the year’s … Continue reading

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Helping the River

While helping our river primarily involves building the Auburn Dam to ensure the Lower American River has a stable source of water flowing at the right level and being at the right temperature for the ultimate health of the salmon … Continue reading

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