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Homelessness & Technology

Some amazing solutions to a couple homeless issues, from the New York Times. An excerpt. This past fall, a project started called (Human) Wasteland, which maps reports of human waste throughout the city of San Francisco. Yes, a disproportionate amount … Continue reading

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Illegal Camping

To some folks, the homeless camping in public should be legal, including in the Parkway—we strongly disagree—hence the lawsuit reported on in this story from Sacramento News & Review. An excerpt. It’s a new year, and activist groups are fighting … Continue reading

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Arena & Light Rail

In yet another consequence of the new arena going in, there might be a long overdue upgrade—in cleanliness and security—to the local light rail to encourage more people to use it to and from games, as reported by the Sacramento … Continue reading

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Smelt Win, Farmers Lose

Unfortunately, the Supreme Court will not hear the case brought by the Pacific Legal Foundation (PLF) to reduce the amount of water released from dams to protect the Delta Smelt; a reduction hurting farmers and other water users. An excerpt … Continue reading

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Suburbs Still Rule!

Though many claim no, they still do, as Joel Kotkin points out in this article from New Geography. An excerpt. There is nothing like a trip to Washington, D.C., to show how out of touch America’s ruling classes have become. … Continue reading

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Water Data

A bunch of it, from the California Water Blog, and Sacramento is in pretty good shape. An excerpt. The California Department of Water Resources does a great job assembling data that can give insights on water conditions during the ongoing … Continue reading

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Suburbs & Schools

One of the major reasons people move to the suburbs is to get their children in good schools, which this article from New Geography notes. An excerpt. The urban cores of the nation’s 52 major metropolitan areas (over 1 million … Continue reading

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