Homeless in Lodi’s Downtown

An issue that also is a ongoing problem in Sacramento’s downtown, Lodi’s problems are reported by Channel 13, Sacramento.

An excerpt.

LODI (CBS13) — Business owners in Lodi say they’re having trouble controlling the people who live in the downtown area.

Shopowners say they’ve seen a sharp increase in the transient population over the last four months, and they can’t keep up with the trash, graffiti and vandalism.

Lodi business owners told city hall they’ve seen a significant number of homeless coming through their alleyways, and they say the crimes they are witnessing have them too afraid to approach the homeless themselves.

“Basically this alley on this corner and that corner, we’ve had a huge problem with urination and defecation,” said June Aaker.

Her work begins before she even gets to the door of her printing shop. Since September, she says downtown businesses have had to clean and repair damage left by homeless. She says business owners suspect Proposition 47, which released many offenders from the local jail, contributed to the increase in transients.

“They’re basically wreaking havoc in our alleys and hometown,” she said.

And it’s not just business owners who have a problem with the homeless. Wendy Conti lives off the alley and says even with two dogs, she has trouble keeping the homeless out.

“They stole a dog, they stole a leaf blower, they stole a power washer. Night before last someone hopped the fence and slashed a tire again,” she said.

Retrieved February 7, 2015 from http://sacramento.cbslocal.com/2015/02/06/lodi-businesses-worried-about-mess-homeless-leave-in-downtown/

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