Sacramento on Healthiest List

Very cool news, as reported by Sacramento County News.

An excerpt.

According to a new survey, Sacramento is one of the top 50 healthiest areas in the nation. Nerdwallet, a data-analysis company, conducted its annual study of health in metropolitan areas using assessment factors of overall fitness, medical care accessibility, and healthcare coverage.

Nerdwallet’s findings say 40.9 percent of Sacramento residents are at a healthy weight in concordance with the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) standards. As denizens of the Farm-to-Fork Capital of America, locals can easily maintain a balanced diet, shopping for nutritious foods at one of the Certified Farmers Markets. The area is populated with healthy-option restaurants partnering with the Farm-to-Fork network to deliver fresh ingredients in gourmet meals.

A solid 84.7 percent of Sacramentans stay physically active with more than 400 gyms, a collection of bike trails, and plenty of parks to choose from. The County is home to the 32-mile Jedediah Smith Memorial Bicycle Trail along the American River Parkway, which is popular among cyclists, hikers and joggers. Residents can also visit the four regional parks and numerous city and urban parks to enjoy clean air and a variety of family-friendly park activities throughout the year. For those who prefer the indoors, many yoga, dance, and fitness classes are available in the area, as well….

The Sacramento-Arden-Roseville area placed 3rd as the healthiest area in California and 11th in the nation. Sacramento residents who resolved to improve their health and well-being this year have the privilege of living in a place where it is easy to do.

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