Sad Story from Carmichael Park

One of our regions great neighborhood parks is being overrun by the homeless and it is a really sad story knowing how much the community of Carmichael cares about the park but can’t do much about the current problem except complain, as this story from KCRA notes.

An excerpt.

CARMICHAEL, Calif. (KCRA) —Coaches who work with a girls softball league said Wednesday they are finding needles from drug use and lots of garbage in the dugouts and restrooms at Carmichael Park — and they’re concerned about the homeless sleeping in the area.

It’s really bad in the restrooms,” said Gabrielle Hicks, a concerned parent. “There’s drug-use. When you go in the restrooms, you can hear different noises that you don’t want to hear. Sometimes you find drugs — syringes and things.”

Catherine Hendon is the coach. Most of the girls on her team are 6 years old.

“(You see) cigarette cartons and stuff you don’t want around the kids,” Hendon told KCRA 3. “I show up typically 20 minutes early to make sure stuff is cleared out before the rest of the kids get here.”

The Carmichael Girls Softball Association said the problem is so bad, they have to call the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department almost every practice.

The league wants the county’s parks department to provide more security.

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