Illegal Camping Growing in Parkway

That is the conclusion drawn from the latest series of Parkway Ranger Reports which is finding illegal camps virtually all along the Parkway, on both sides of the River, all the way up to Sunrise.

Examining all of the Parkway Ranger Reports of the past year (since March of 2014), the follow statistics about illegal camping by the homeless are revealed.

Illegal Camps Occupied & Cited: 720 (almost all of these are in the North Sacramento area)
48 Hours Notice to Vacate: 284
Camps Cleaned & Removed: 217
Other Locations & How Many ( ) Illegal Camps: Steelhead Creek/Silver Eagle Way (1) ; Sunrise (4); Lower Sunrise (1); Gristmill (3); Paradise (2); Campers in Boats (2); Mile 4 (1); Mile 1.5 (3); Dry Creek (13); Riverwood (1); Madison Avenue/Winding Oak (1); Jensen Park (1); Sutter’s Landing (2) Campus Commons (1); Watt Avenue & Mira Del Rio (1); Mile 7 (2); El Manto (1); Haggin Oaks (1); Camp with aggressive dog Mile 10 (1); Folsom South Canal (1); Near Soil Born Farm (2); Riverbend (3); Mayhew Drain, Island (1); Howe (1); Twin Rivers Trail (1); Cal Expo (1); 20th & C (1); Island at Rio Bravo (2); Mile 15 (1); Rossmoor (2).
Homeless Trashing Areas: Sara Park; Sunrise; El Manto

The Monthly Ranger Reports can be accessed at

About David H Lukenbill

I am a native of Sacramento, as are my wife and daughter. I am a consultant to nonprofit organizations, and have a Bachelor of Science degree in Organizational Behavior and a Master of Public Administration degree, both from the University of San Francisco. We live along the American River with two cats and all the wild critters we can feed. I am the founding president of the American River Parkway Preservation Society and currently serve as the CFO and Senior Policy Director. I also volunteer as the President of The Lampstand Foundation, a nonprofit organization I founded in 2003.
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