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Loving Urban/Suburban Standardization

A great article from New Geography extolling the benefits of such. An excerpt. Our current urbanized form has become remarkably homogenous. Anywhere in Florida, and in much of the United States, one now experiences a new sense of sameness in … Continue reading

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Imbibing in the Parkway

As the Sacramento Bee reports, the Memorial Day weekend was calm, which is attributed to the law banning all alcohol in the Parkway during holidays. We did not support this law, remembering many sweltering holidays floating down the river beer … Continue reading

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Taxing Organic Products

Good article from PERC about this idea. An excerpt. California is in the fourth year of record-setting dearth of rain, with virtually the entire state experiencing “exceptional drought.” In response, Governor Jerry Brown has mandated a 25 percent reduction in … Continue reading

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California’s Farm Economy

Even with the drought it is still potent, as reported in this article from New Geography. An excerpt. We consume their products every day but economists give them little attention, and perhaps not enough respect. Yet America’s agriculture sector is … Continue reading

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Water Storage Policy is a Democratic Disaster

As this article in the Sacramento Bee takes note of. An excerpt. Gov. Jerry Brown, cheering the Democratic Party for successes in California in recent years – including increasing spending on education and health care – turned briefly to the … Continue reading

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Public Leadership

It is difficult to do this well, as we see in the management of the Parkway over many years, but this article from Governing Magazine offers some great advice. An excerpt. Twenty-five years ago, as I was growing interested in … Continue reading

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Public Policy by Innovation Rather than Anecdote

Great article on this from Governing Magazine. An excerpt. If you’ve been to a conference on government performance in recent years, you’ve heard the stories: cases presented on the latest innovations, accompanied by statements like “We tried this extremely cool … Continue reading

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Free Market Transportation

The only way to go, as this article in the San Francisco Chronicle reports; and setting market rates for all public transportation would encourage that run by government to do more to make its transport safe, clean and reliable. An … Continue reading

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Environmentalists Wrong Again

Remember the BP Oil spill in the Gulf five years ago and the dire predictions of its consequences? Well, here are the consequences, and it’s essentially pretty good news, from Daily Signal. An excerpt. Five years ago this week a … Continue reading

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Water Markets

A very interesting article from New Geography about using capitalism to deal with water shortages; an excellent read. An excerpt. Critics of California’s current water policy advocate more infrastructure spending on things like dams, canals, and desalination plants. Many would … Continue reading

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