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Free Market Transportation

The only way to go, as this article in the San Francisco Chronicle reports; and setting market rates for all public transportation would encourage that run by government to do more to make its transport safe, clean and reliable. An … Continue reading

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Environmentalists Wrong Again

Remember the BP Oil spill in the Gulf five years ago and the dire predictions of its consequences? Well, here are the consequences, and it’s essentially pretty good news, from Daily Signal. An excerpt. Five years ago this week a … Continue reading

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Water Markets

A very interesting article from New Geography about using capitalism to deal with water shortages; an excellent read. An excerpt. Critics of California’s current water policy advocate more infrastructure spending on things like dams, canals, and desalination plants. Many would … Continue reading

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Urban Fixed Rail Transportation

The record of success has not been good in Sacramento and the addition of another fixed rail system, the downtown/West Sacramento streetcar will, quite possibly, suffer the same fate. It would seem that street car designed buses offer the most … Continue reading

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California’s Future

A good look at the possibilities from New Geography. An excerpt. The Golden State has historically led the United States and the world in technology, quality of life, social innovation, entertainment, and public policy. But in recent decades its lead … Continue reading

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County Homeless Housing Program

Based on this news item from Sacramento County, this new program looks like a good one. An excerpt. For families who are homeless, getting a second chance at stability can be the difference between becoming permanently self-sufficient or remaining on … Continue reading

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