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Breton on Parkway Fires

Another good column in the Sacramento Bee as Sacramento still struggles with what to do about the fires and the homeless. An excerpt. We have an epidemic threatening wildlife and public safety that’s being met with shrugged shoulders and resignation, … Continue reading

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Tiny Homes for Homeless

If the cost mentioned in the Eureka Times-Standard, is accurate—$100,000 to house 35 people—that seems pretty cost effective compared to most other Housing First options, and should be looked at, perhaps as part of a homeless transformation campus we put forth as a … Continue reading

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ARPPS Press Release: Homeless Transformation Campus

PRESS RELEASE For Immediate Release                        September 28, 2015        Sacramento, California Homeless Transformation Campus A primary question many ask when discussing removing the homeless illegally camping in the Parkway is, “Where will they go?” Our position has long been that our … Continue reading

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Another Parkway Fire, #54 Since May 1

As reported by the Sacramento Bee, video at link. Excerpt. Grass fire, American River Parkway, mile marker 3.5, behind Costco Saturday night. The fire was contained to 1 acre, no structures threatened, no injuries Read more here:

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Everybody Loves the Suburbs

As this article in New Geography reports on one segment of our population. An excerpt. One of the most significant results of the 2010 census was the continuing shift of the African-American population from the core cities to the suburbs … Continue reading

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ARPPS President on Parkway with Channel 3

Good article about the new ordinance restricting fires from Channel 3, which accompanied ARPPS President Mike Rushford in a visit to the Parkway. An excerpt. SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KCRA) —Sacramento County park rangers have started using a new enforcement tool to … Continue reading

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Bee Editorial on Illegal Camping Conflicted

As with all too many members of Sacramento’s public leadership, today’s Sacramento Bee editorial essentially cancels itself out by repeating the do-nothing gambit (but where will they go?) regarding the homeless illegally camping in the Parkway and causing substantial fire damage, as … Continue reading

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Work is the Best Charity

Though too often unused, work is the best remedy for those in poverty, especially the homeless, as this article from Philanthropy Magazine reports. An excerpt. The U.S. is the richest nation in history. To see members of our society languishing … Continue reading

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Stopping Parkway Fires

As the Sacramento Bee reports, Sacramento County passed a new ordinance restricting the use of barbeques and related tools for the Parkway; which is kind of like banning guns for everyone in hopes of keeping guns out of the hands … Continue reading

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El Nino Still Coming, No Guarantees Though

Good news and we hope it comes sooner than later, story from the Los Angeles Times. An excerpt. El Niño is on track to become one of the most powerful on record, strongly suggesting California could face heavy rainfall this … Continue reading

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