Stopping Parkway Fires

As the Sacramento Bee reports, Sacramento County passed a new ordinance restricting the use of barbeques and related tools for the Parkway; which is kind of like banning guns for everyone in hopes of keeping guns out of the hands of criminals.

Point being, if the homeless camping illegally in the Parkway need a campfire, they will start one, regardless of the law which they are already breaking by camping.

An excerpt from the Bee article.

In response to dozens of wildfires this year on the American River Parkway, Sacramento County supervisors approved an ordinance Tuesday immediately restricting barbecues and other fire devices in regional parks.

The new rules ban the use of barbecues and “incendiary devices” in county parks except for in picnic areas. While county officials say they are uncertain about the reasons for the increase in parkway fires, they suggest the prolonged drought and the increase of illegal camping are to blame.

From Jan. 1 through Sept. 4, 53 wildfires have occurred at county parks, all but a handful taking place on the parkway that runs from the Sacramento River to Folsom, according to Parks Director Jeff Leatherman. That is the same number of wildfires reported in the parks all of last year.

The ordinance allows park rangers to seize barbecue equipment or incendiary devices found in a park area not designated for picnics. It also increases the penalties for using incendiary devices without a permit from an infraction to a misdemeanor.

Leatherman said the parks department will post signs notifying the public of the new restrictions and park rangers will try to get people to comply without issuing citations.

He said he does not know what role barbecues and campfires have played in the wildfire increase, but given the drought, the new restrictions are clearly necessary. He said illegal campers have been found with barbecues for cooking, and they likely also use them to keep warm.

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