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Work is the Best Charity

Though too often unused, work is the best remedy for those in poverty, especially the homeless, as this article from Philanthropy Magazine reports. An excerpt. The U.S. is the richest nation in history. To see members of our society languishing … Continue reading

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Stopping Parkway Fires

As the Sacramento Bee reports, Sacramento County passed a new ordinance restricting the use of barbeques and related tools for the Parkway; which is kind of like banning guns for everyone in hopes of keeping guns out of the hands … Continue reading

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El Nino Still Coming, No Guarantees Though

Good news and we hope it comes sooner than later, story from the Los Angeles Times. An excerpt. El Niño is on track to become one of the most powerful on record, strongly suggesting California could face heavy rainfall this … Continue reading

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Parkway Fires, 53 Since May 1

That is according to the Parkway Rangers, who, being there every day, would have the best estimate, as reported in this column by Marcos Breton in the Sacramento Bee. The staggering lack of responsibility or even knowledgeable conjecture from public leadership … Continue reading

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New County Funding for Parkway, Part II

This article from Channel 3 gives a more in depth account of the recent funding increases, but remember, we have been here before and little changed, but again, hope springs eternal. In fact just three years ago this month a … Continue reading

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County Budget Increases Funding for Illegal Camping Rangers

Well, we’ve been here before, but it didn’t work, as the illegal camping is bigger than ever in the North Sacramento/Cal Expo area of the Parkway; but hope springs eternal, so here is the good news from Sacramento County News. … Continue reading

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Bikes off Sidewalks

A necessary strategy in most urban areas, which is examined in the Sacramento Bee. An excerpt. Sacramento officials are formulating a new rule that would allow bicyclists to ride on city sidewalks except in busy pedestrian areas where signs would … Continue reading

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