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Christmas & New Year Break

We will suspend blogging through Christmas and New Year, restarting Monday January 4, 2016. Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! David H. Lukenbill

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The Homeless Man & His Christmas Tree

A very nice story from AOL. An excerpt. When the Grinch — i.e. city officials — tried to steal one homeless man’s Christmas, his community simply wouldn’t have it. The good people of Louisiana rallied so many donations for Philly … Continue reading

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Homeless Protesters Occupy City Hall Sidewalk

Protesting laws that make sleeping in public illegal, homeless protesters are camping out in front of City Hall, as the Sacramento News & Review reports. Recent rulings from the Department of Justice have supported their efforts and largely neutered the … Continue reading

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The Paris Climate Change Conference

Another good take on it from the Ethics & Public Policy Center. An excerpt. Oh, the self-congratulation! Heads of state and foreign ministers shaking hands and patting each other on the back for a historic, wonderful climate deal. And oh, … Continue reading

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Tear Downs in Suburbia

A good article from Governing Magazine about the trend, focusing on one town—a trend we see in many of Sacramento’s suburbs—which is good for some, bad for others, but definitely here to stay. Personally, tear down rebuilds that are congruent with … Continue reading

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Water Storage & the Salmon

We need enough water storage to keep the rivers cool for optimal salmon health during drought, and this story from the Sacramento Bee reports what happens when we don’t. We really need more water storage in the American River Watershed … Continue reading

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Helping the Homeless

A good overview from a Placer County perspective in the Auburn Journal of how some Sacramento County groups help. An excerpt. As our weather turns cold and we welcome the much needed rain, it is natural for our thoughts to … Continue reading

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The Paris Climate Change Conference

Well noted by Joel Kotkin in the Orange County Register. An excerpt. To some, particularly in the green movement, this month’s Paris climate change summit represents something like the great synods of the early Christian era, where truth and policy, … Continue reading

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Groundwater Primer

An excellent summary of the basics of groundwater from the California Water Blog. An excerpt. Groundwater has been receiving a lot of attention lately, and for good reason. California is the heaviest groundwater user in the nation, and our use … Continue reading

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Water Needs to be Priority

That is the subject of this article in the Sacramento Bee and it focuses on storage, a nice change; particularly if the big rain year we have been told is on its way actually turns up, we will be reminded, … Continue reading

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