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State Parkway Conservancy

As reported in the Sacramento Bee, legislation is being introduced that would create a state conservancy for the Parkway. While the elements of more money and more representative leadership on the board are good, the aspect that essentially gives the … Continue reading

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Broken Windows Policing & Politics

When they are aligned, as they were in New York City for many years, good things happen. When they are severed, as they are now in New York City—Sacramento has not yet tried broken windows policing—, bad things happen. That … Continue reading

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Killings in Seattle Homeless Camp

Called the Jungle, this homeless encampment that has been a trouble spot for 20 years—which all too sadly, sounds like our Parkway—exploded with gunfire, as this report from MSN News notes. An excerpt. It was the speech of a lifetime: … Continue reading

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Climate Warming?

Interesting article about it from the Wall Street Journal. An excerpt. An East Coast blizzard howling, global temperatures peaking, the desert Southwest flooding, drought-stricken California drying up—surely there’s a common thread tying together this “extreme” weather. There is. But it … Continue reading

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Haven for Hope

This homeless transformation campus in San Antonio, Texas is the model we are using to encourage Sacramento to replicate—see our Press Release—and this story from KSAT is a look at its founders and the years since. An excerpt. SAN ANTONIO … Continue reading

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Solving the Homeless Sleeping Issue

As a recent article in the Sacramento Bee reports, the homeless have organized around an important issue, sleeping in a safe, secure place. The ongoing homeless protest outside city hall and inside the city council chambers is a sad reminder that … Continue reading

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California Public Employee Pension Reform

It is in the news, as this story yesterday from the Sacramento Bee notes but the best story is this article in City Journal which notes pension reform appears to be a game only the government seems to win. An … Continue reading

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The ARkStorm Scenario & Auburn Dam

The release of the ARkStorm Scenario by the U.S. Geological Survey in 2010, considering the great rain season we are now having, was an important event, and presented a vital reason to build Auburn Dam. A conclusion of the ARkStorm … Continue reading

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Growing Regions

A good article from New Geography and Sacramento makes the cut at 36th out of 53. An excerpt. Which cities have the best chance to prosper in the coming decade? The question is a complex one, and as the economy … Continue reading

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Marcos Breton, Common Sense on Homelessness

The voice for common sense in the ongoing debate, as this recent column from the Sacramento Bee reveals. An excerpt. One of the great misconceptions in Sacramento is that the city is “criminalizing the homeless.” This is a claim often … Continue reading

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