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American Suburban Beginnings

An outstanding essay from New Geography concerning the history of American suburban development. An excerpt. This essay is part of a new report from the Center for Opportunity Urbanism called “America’s Housing Crisis.” The report contains several essays about the … Continue reading

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Local Control of Dams?

After reading this morning’s article in the Sacramento Bee, it certainly seems like a viable option. An excerpt. Even with unseasonably warm temperatures and little to no rain in the forecast for at least the next seven days, the operators … Continue reading

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Salmon Behind the Dams

A fascinating article, with profound implications, from the California Water Blog. An excerpt. Chinook salmon are a remarkably adaptable species. There is good reason to believe there are multiple populations of landlocked Chinook salmon completing their entire life cycle above Central … Continue reading

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Water Release & Storage

This article from the Sacramento Bee details all the reasons we need extra water storage above Folsom Dam, specifically, a redesigned Auburn Dam able to withstand the earthquakes, funding, and other issues that derailed the original. An excerpt. Northern California’s El … Continue reading

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Philanthropy in America

It is responsible for so much of what makes this an exceptional country (if the Parkway ever comes under nonprofit daily management as we propose, philanthropy would vastly increase its funding) and this article from Philanthropy Magazine introducing a new resource is … Continue reading

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Homelessness Among Veterans Declines

Which is very good news that the veterans who served this country are being taken care of, though this report from Governing Magazine tends to disparage it a bit, forgetting that those who have served their country as a member … Continue reading

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30 Year Anniversary of the 1986 Storms

Which came inches away from flooding all of Sacramento, and even with the improvements in levee strengthening and Folsom Dam, Sacramento is still only prepared for a 200 year flood event when the gold standard, and what we need to … Continue reading

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Downtown Development Depends on Good Team

An excellent editorial by the Sacramento Bee which understands this. An excerpt. This was supposed to be the year: The year the Kings had the right coach. The year center DeMarcus Cousins stopped crying to the refs. The year the … Continue reading

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Illegal Camping in Parkway Worsens

Hard to believe it can get any worse, but, according to this article from Sacramento News & Review, it has. An excerpt. Highway 160 is Sacramento’s gateway. It’s a route many people will take to get to the much touted … Continue reading

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Sacramento Strategies to End Homelessness

There is now a new one out, from Sacramento Steps Forward, to end street homelessness by 2020, which follows the 2006 plan to end homelessness in Sacramento by 2016. We wish them all the best with the second strategy and … Continue reading

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