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Texas & California

These two stories from New Geography are instructive as well as a warning to us to become a more business friendly state. An excerpt from each. First from Texas: The United States Census Bureau has just released its 2015 population … Continue reading

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Salmon in the Rice Fields

Such a cool and innovative idea, blogged on previously, but a few days ago, as reported by California Water Blog. An excerpt. The floodplain smorgasbord is open! Wrapping up a successful fifth season, the Knaggs Nigiri project places fall run … Continue reading

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Need More Water Storage

We couldn’t agree more with this column by Dan Walters in the Sacramento Bee. An excerpt. The Sacramento River, by far the state’s most important waterway, has been running high, fast and dirty in recent days. Upstream reservoirs on the … Continue reading

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Water, Water, Everywhere

Except being stored in the yet to be built Auburn Dam, and it is somewhat crazy to have gushers of water being released from Folsom when the current rainfall season to date March 24, 2016) is only 14.90” while the … Continue reading

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Congressman McClintock’s Subcommittee

And his opening statement to it. An excerpt. Today the Subcommittee on Federal Lands meets to review the President’s proposed budget for the U.S. Forest Service for Fiscal Year 2017. We meet at a time of crisis for our national … Continue reading

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Urban Mixed Use Development

You hear a lot about it and this story from New Geography takes a look at the underlying concept. An excerpt. Density rules new development. From Florida to Texas to points west, city boosters herald a mixture of apartments and … Continue reading

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Light Rail Fare Increase

In light of the increase in Sacramento, this article from New Geography is timely. An excerpt. Journalists in older cities like New York, Boston or San Francisco may see the role of rail transit as critical to a functioning modern … Continue reading

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ARPPS Press Release

PRESS RELEASE For Immediate Release                        March 15, 2016     Sacramento, California Sacramento County officially supported the idea of legislation for a new state conservancy to govern the American River Parkway in a meeting February 23, 2016. While our organization is … Continue reading

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Build Auburn Dam

Great letter to the editor from ARPPS President, published in Sacramento Bee. Here it is. We should have built Auburn dam Californians have cause to be disgusted by the current release of millions of gallons of water from Folsom Lake … Continue reading

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300-400 Hundred Illegal Camping in Parkway

This article from the Sacramento Bee, estimating 200 illegal campers fleeing the rising American River, validates, again, sadly, the historic estimate of 300-400 homeless illegally camping in the American River Parkway at any given time, a situation that has been … Continue reading

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